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Campervan Camps and Holidays India Pvt Ltd (“We/Us/Ours”) is a registered
Company in India under the brand name “LuxeCamper. The web identity of the
company is
(“website”). We offer Campervans
which include caravans or any Campervan suitable as per requirements on rentals
Campervans) and/or curated itineraries to our customers for
providing a great camping experience. We do this by using our own Campervans
and itineraries executed by us or by using Campervans belonging to third parties
and itineraries planned and executed by them. Users can also curate their own
itineraries as well.

In these Terms and Conditions, references to “you” and “your” include the first
named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf the booking is made
or any other person to whom the booking is added or transferred. When we are
providing services through third parties, we are acting only as an intermediary
between you and the party rendering such services.

You must be 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your province, territory, or
country, to avail our services. Minors may only access the website under the
supervision of an adult. If you access the website or accept these Terms and
Conditions on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant
that you have the authority to bind that legal entity and, in such event, you and your
will refer to that legal entity.

Any booking made with us, whether by any online means, through any platform
where we have listed ourselves or through our website, electronic mail or otherwise,
shall be deemed to be a confirmation by you that these Terms & Conditions have
been read and understood along with tour details, dos, and d
on’ts, etc., and you
agree to be bound and obligated by them.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement (Agreement)
between you and us, regarding your use of the platform for renting of the
Campervan or availing any of the services offered by us directly or indirectly. If
you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, you
have no right to obtain information from or otherwise continue using the website or
our services.



  1. 1.1.  Campervans and related services are provided directly by us, and some are
    provided by third parties. The name of the operator providing each service is
    mentioned along with listed Campervans and/or Itineraries. For services
    being provided by third parties, we are acting as an intermediary.
  2. 1.2.  Booking a Trail can be done electronically or by interacting with our office.
    The guest is responsible for confirming the itinerary to us in writing by an e-

mail to enable us to make the required itinerary arrangements.

  1. 1.3.  The users can either book the Campervan(s) along with the curated packages
    or can choose to opt for either of the two. The options available for the users
    1. Campervans renting and stay at Camping Site (Total Package)
    2. Campervans renting only (Non-Trail Guests)
    3. Booking for Camping Site only (Non-Campervans Guests)

    These Terms and Conditions are applicable (as the case maybe) in the above
    forms of booking and you are bound by the same.

  2. 1.4.  For booking electronically, you may book on our website by opening an
    account/registering with us. You can also make a booking by logging in to
    either of the websites where we have listed our services.
  3. 1.5.  If you are opening an account on our website, you will be required to register
    by providing your full name, email address, telephone number and creating
    a password. You are responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of
    your account details and for any activity under your account. You agree to
    immediately notify us of any unauthorised use of your account or any other
    breach of security. It is your sole responsibility to control access to and use
    of your account and to notify us when you desire to cancel/delete/deactivate
    your account. We will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage
    arising from your failure to comply with this provision.
  4. 1.6.  For online bookings, you will be directed to select your preferred payment
    method (invoice or credit card) and payment details. If you make a payment
    by cheque, this must be received four weeks prior to the payment due date.
    Please include your booking reference number as the payment reference.
  5. 1.7.  Children may be allowed in specific itineraries and Camping Sites. We
    request you to check for the same at the time of booking. The safety and
    security of children travelling shall be the sole responsibility of the
    parents/fellow passengers and we are not liable/responsible for the same. At
    campsites and in Campervans where children are allowed, the guest shall
    ensure that fellow passengers are not disturbed.
  6. 1.8.  We extend provisional bookings subject to availability and we reserve the
    right to release provisional bookings. Bookings will be confirmed only on
    receipt of 100% payment 14 days prior to Trail start date, in advance
    including the GST amount. The final tax invoice will be sent to you by email
    within 48 hours to 5 days from the completion of the Trail.
  7. 1.9.  Upon confirmation of the booking, a copy of all passenger’s passport/identity
    cards (passport and visa copy in case of a non-Indian National) will be
    required as a proof of identity. This information will be used solely for
    submission to law enforcement agencies and for determination of
    entry/activity fees as applicable.
  1. 1.10.  Confirmed accommodation will be subject to the appropriate payment and
    Cancellation Policy as set out herein below. All prices are subject to change
    so could increase or decrease. The price confirmed at the time of booking is
    the final price and will not change unless you alter your booking.
  2. 1.11.  GST details of the user if any, must be provided to us at the time of booking
    so that appropriate invoice reflecting the GST credit shall be raised on
    completion of the Trail.


Please read these terms carefully

The Campervan can be hired for travel to your own destination without any
of our hospitality services, on a price-per-day model along with our driver.
The Campervan comes with a qualified driver with a Campervan license.
Only he/she shall drive the Campervan at all times. The guest shall not drive
the Campervan. If you are self-driving or having our own driver,you/your
driver shall need to sign a separate physical form at the time of handing over
of the Campervan on the start date of the Trail..

  1. 2.1.  The booking can be made by paying the rentals for the entire duration of the
    trip along with a refundable deposit (out of state and as applicable). The
    deposit will be returned after adjusting for tolls, permits, traffic challans,
    charges for additional hours and kms utilized and damages or breakages to
    the Campervan or its fittings, if any after a period of one month from date of
    lapse of the Rental Period. GST will be charged extra at actuals.
  2. 2.2.  The price-per-day is valid from 6 am on the start date to 8 pm (default time)
    on the same date, from Base city limits to Base city limits basis. For multiple
    days booking, 8 pm of the end date will be considered. A night halt charge
    plus GST will be charged for every night the Campervan is halted with the
  3. 2.3.  You will ensure that you deliver the Campervan and its keys to the
    Designated Collection Location at the time and date agreed between us. On
    the day of return, every additional hour beyond 8 PM, will be charged extra per hour plus GST, as retention charges. If you do not comply
    with this clause, and do not return the Campervan even after 48 hours, we
    may report the Campervan as stolen to the police and you will be required to
    compensate us for either the full cost of the Campervan, or for all additional
    costs and losses incurred up to the time that the Campervan is recovered from
    you. For inter-state travel, additional road tax, entry permits (if any) will be
    paid by the guests at actuals. Interstate travel protocols issued by the
    government must be strictly followed and adhered to. Any requirement for
    an interstate e-pass shall be applied for and obtained by the guest prior to
    travel, with our Campervan/driver details and details of all passengers
    travelling and a copy must be submitted to us well in advance.
  1. 2.4.  The above charges and the exclusion/inclusion of services including food,
    beverages, fuel, linen etc. may vary depending on the kind of package booked
    by you. We request you to check all the details provided at the time of
    booking your package.
  2. 2.5.  The Campervan can carry passengers only to the extent of the designated
    seats which may vary depending on the kind of Campervan booked by you.
    No additional passenger shall board the Campervan for travel.
  3. 2.6.  Guests are welcome to carry their own food or cook in the Campervan
  4. 2.7.  Bed sheets, pillows, bath towels etc must be carried by the guests. However,
    a basic set of toiletries will be provided at the start of the trip. The Campervan
    shall not be driven after dusk and before dawn. The Campervan is fitted with
    a speed governor and will not travel beyond a speed of 80 km per hour.
  5. 2.8.  The Campervan must be parked in a safe enclosed premises and our driver(s)
    must be given a place with bed & bath at the halting site and must be provided
    food in case of non-availability of hotels in that locality.
  6. 2.9.  Limited power is stored in the Campervan to supply power to the refrigerator,
    hot water, toilet, water pumps, cooking hobs in the kitchenette, ceiling fans
    and lights. However, for extended duration of power requirement for the air
    conditioner and microwave to function, an external power connection (230V
    AC) must be provided at the halting site.
  7. 2.10.  Fresh water must be provided at the halting site so that the tank can be topped

2.11. You shall not and not allow any person to:

  1. use or allow the Campervan to be used for the transport of passengers
    for hire or reward;
  2. sublet or hire the Campervan to any other person;
  3. operate the Campervan or allow it to be operated in circumstances that

    constitute an offence against the law (which relates to driving under

    the influence of alcohol or drugs);

  4. operate the Campervan, or allow it to be operated, in breach of rules

    and regulations or bylaws relating to road traffic including the Motor

    Vehicles Act;

  5. operate the Campervan or allow it to be operated for the transport of

    more passengers than the maximum specified at the time of booking;

  6. operate the Campervan or allow it to be operated to propel or tow any

    other Campervan;

  7. operate or allow the Campervan to be used in involvement with any

    illegal activity including transport of banned substances;

  8. allow any person to smoke/consume alcohol/intoxicants inside the


i. ensure that each person uses safety restraints provided, at all times
whilst the Campervan is in motion.

  1. 2.12.  You shall be liable for all fines, accidents, damages, third party loss, penalties,
    and the like of parking, traffic and other criminal offences arising out of or
    concerning the use of the Campervan during the rental period and
    accordingly indemnify us against all such liability.
  2. 2.13.  You acknowledge that you are liable for damage to or loss, including theft,
    of any accessories of the Campervan.


  1. 3.1.  Prior to the handover of the Campervan to you at the base site location, we
    or our third party partner will ensure: (a) the Campervan
    s registration and
    compulsory third party insurance are current and is valid for the duration of
    the rental period; (b) the Campervan is in a roadworthy, serviceable and in a
    safe condition; (c) the Campervan
    s spare tyre is roadworthy and inflated; (d)
    the jack and tyre replacement tools are in the Campervan; (e) all Campervan
    fluids such as fuel, transmission, oil, coolant, brake and power steering fluid
    and wiper wash are full; (f) the Campervan is clean.
  2. 3.2.  For documentary evidence, we shall take a video and photographs of the
    Campervan at the time of handing over the Campervan.


  1. If the Campervan is involved in an accident, gets damaged, breaks down
    or requires repair or salvage, regardless of cause, you shall notify us or
    ask the driver to inform us of the full circumstances by telephone
  2. You will not arrange or undertake any repairs or salvage without our
    permission (this includes, but is not limited to, purchasing a replacement
    tyre) except to the extent that repairs or salvage are necessary to prevent
    further damage to the Campervan or to other property.
  3. In case of breakdown of the Campervan, we will provide you with
    Roadside Assistance. We shall have the Campervan towed and you may
    then have either of the two options mentioned below:
    1. You can opt for an alternate Campervan similar or equivalent to
      what was given originally and continue with the decided plan,
      subject to availability, or;
    2. We bring you back to the Base City and subject to the availability
      of Campervan, you will again within a period of 3 months from the
      date of your return to the city of boarding and within the same
      budget have the option of renting a similar or equivalent Campervan.
      If you do not avail this option within three months, you would be


Please read these terms carefully

  1. 4.1.  Unless specified otherwise, pets are NOT allowed. They are only allowed
    if the entire campsite is booked exclusively by your group and should always
    be leashed. Users will be required to get a kennel and ensure that the pets are
    not left outside during night hours.
  2. 4.2.  We do not have any arrangement to accommodate drivers or support
    staff. Please do not plan to bring anyone other than the paid guests.
  3. 4.3.  Few Camping Sites may have activities which can be availed by paying an
    additional fee where stipulated. Prices for all activities are for per adult or
    child. The price will be subject to revision, in the event of significant changes
    in exchange rates, tariff rates, taxes etc.
  4. 4.4.  Our Camping Site can be hired for camping in tents at selected locations.
    Check in at lunch time and check out will be next day after breakfast.
  5. 4.5.  Guests must bring their own sleeping bags, towels, and linen (due to hygiene
    and to avoid contamination during times of pandemic). Limited number of
    sleeping bags are available for purchase (we do not reuse sleeping bags).
  6. 4.6.  You will not dirty/litter or generate unwarranted waste at the Camping Site
    and ensure that the cleanliness of the place is maintained.
  7. 4.7.  Tents must be pitched only in designated areas. Limited number of tents are
    available for rent at extra cost for single occupancy purpose.
  8. 4.8.  Guests can arrive in their own Campervans/bikes and park at the Camping
  9. 4.9.  Few sites have a small kitchen (with refrigerator, microwave, LPG based
    cooking, crockery, cutlery & RO water). In few sites, the caretaker can cook
    simple meals including local delicacies. Please let us know of your food
    preferences at the time of booking. Guests are welcome to cook in the kitchen.
  10. 4.10.  Subject to the weather conditions, barbecue machine may be available at extra
    cost. If available, the same must be reserved at the time of booking. Subject
    to the weather conditions, campfire can be set up on request.
  11. 4.11.  Most Camping Sites have common washrooms with showers and may have
    hot water. This must be shared by the guests. We will take good care of
    maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of these washrooms.
  12. 4.12.  The infrastructure at few sites is powered by solar energy and may have a
    small generator for emergency backup power.

deemed to have forgone this option.

4.13. The sites can get very cold at night. Please carry warm clothing like jackets,
monkey caps, shawls etc.

4.14. Guests can smoke only in designated places. Smoking inside the lounge,
toilets, and tents is strictly prohibited.

4.15.Guests may carry limited supply of alcohol for personal consumption at
designated locations. We do not serve or sell alcohol. Guest shall not offer
alcohol or banned substances to any of our staff including drivers.

  1. 4.16.  Many of the Camping Sites are surrounded by forest areas. You understand
    the risk involved in staying and visiting such areas which are in close
    proximity to wildlife, especially snakes and monkeys. You absolve us of all
    liabilities whatsoever arising out of your stay at the Camping Sites.
  2. 4.17.  Our Camping Sites are situated in quiet and pristine surroundings. You will
    ensure that you and all people travelling in the Campervan always maintain
    decorum and shall not play loud music, light fires, venture outside the
    premises of the Camping Site along with following all rules and regulations
    that you are informed about the Camping Sites.

4.18.Please let us know in advance of any special requests etc. We are not
responsible for fulfilling any special request if not informed of the same at the
time of booking. If we are unable to accommodate such a request, we shall
inform you of the same.


  1. 5.1.  INSURANCE: Guests travelling with us are covered by a basic Campervan
    Insurance cover. Should it be required to evacuate the guests, it shall be the
    uests’ responsibility to ensure sufficient medical and travel insurance cover
    is in place to cover in-hospital medical expenses and associated costs once
    admitted to hospital.
  2. 5.2.  All prices for trails and activities will be as per the package booked.
  3. 5.3.  Unless expressly included all and any cost (without limitation) of obtaining passports,
    visas, items of personal nature such as drinks, laundry, telephone calls,
  4. 5.4.  Weight and volume restrictions for baggage may apply on our Campervans.
    Please check with our team for details on restriction. Safekeeping of baggage
    and personal safety shall at all times remain at the g
    uest’s risk. We will
    assume no liability for lost or damaged baggage. Recommended baggage
    allowance shall be 15kg per person.
  5. 5.5.  If you wish to cook in the Campervan during your travel, you shall be responsible
    for bringing all crockery cutlery and ingredients and we shall not be providing the
    same. A table has been provided in the Campervan for cooking purposes.


6.1. Every booking shall have a designated leader and valid identity cards of all
passengers should be provided. The lead booker for a group shall be
responsible for the conduct of other members of the group and for ensuring
that they comply with these Terms and Conditions. He/she shall also be
responsible and liable for any damage to the Campervan and/or at the
Camping Site. Each member of the group shall be required to sign a waiver
form, that each member agree to the terms and conditions as set out in
Annexure-A of this document


7.1. We reserve the right to take photographs during the operation of any Trail and
use them for promotional purposes across various platforms. By booking a
Trail with us, it will be deemed that guests have consented to the use of any
photographic image taken during the booking. Guests who prefer their images
not be used should identify themselves prior to final payment to be exempted
from the photography waiver clause.


  1. 8.1.  Cancellation by us: We will not cancel your booking except for reasons of
    events beyond our control or failure by you to make the complete payment
    prior to delivery of services(vehicle).
  2. 8.2.  In case we have to cancel for reasons of events beyond our control or make a
    significant change, we will offer you with the choice of:
    1. (in case of significant changes) having a refund of all monies paid; or
    2. Subject to availability and where we offer one, accepting an offer of an
      alternative holiday to be availed within three months, similar or

      equivalent package or for the same value.

  3. 8.3.  Cancellation or alteration of plans by you:
    1. If you decide to cancel your confirmed booking, please contact us as
      soon as possible by calling us on our phone number. The date that you
      contact us shall be the date of the cancellation.
    2. If you need to alter the booking, we need at least a one (1) month prior
      notice and the new package within the same budget shall be offered,
      subject to availability.
    3. Should one or more members of your party cancel, it may increase the
      per person holiday price of those remaining on the booking and you
      will be liable to pay this increase.

iv. Because we incur costs in cancelling your booking, you will have to
pay cancellation charges as follows:

Number of days prior to
start date that cancellation
notification is received

Cancellation charge as a % of Trail

More than 30 days

5% of the amount shall be retained
as cancellation fee

Less than 15 days

100% of the amount shall be retained
as cancellation fee

Cancellation after commencement
& during travel or stay

100% of total Trail price will be
retained by us as cancellation fee

15-30 days 25% of the amount shall be
retained as cancellation fee

8.4. If you cancel the booking owing to Covid or a Force Majeure event (as
described under Clause 15.1 below), we at our sole discretion and subject
to availability of the Campervan shall make your booking available for
another 90 days. In case of cancellation due to Covid, you shall be required
to provide us with a medical report substantiating on the claim.


9.1. You at you own cost and expense will, indemnify, defend and hold us , our
affiliates, and their respective agents, and its and their respective successors
and assigns from and harmless against any claim, accident, third party loss,
suit, action, cause of action, animal attacks, food poisoning, personal
attacks, harassment (mental or physical), in group fighting, proceeding,
investigation, dispute, demand, order, directive, obligation, loss, theft,
injury, participation in activities, liability, damage, deficiency, assessment,
fine, penalty, forfeiture, judgment, lien, diminution of value, notice of
violation or non-compliance, cost, and expense, including, without
limitation, attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred to enforce these Terms
and Conditions, cost of defence, and cost of settlement, arising out of or
resulting from: (a) any breach by you or your group members or breach of
any obligation, representation, or warranty given by you or your group
members under this terms and conditions; (b) any negligence, error, or
omission by you or your group members with respect to its or their
obligations under or by reason of these Terms and Conditions; (c) any
violation of applicable laws.

9.2. You or your group members will indemnify us against any claim for losses,
negligence, damages or compensation, unfair trade practice, malicious
falsehood, cheating, breach of trust, defects, and deficiencies.


10.1.We shall not be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential
damages, in relation to Campervan and/or Camping Sites or in relation to
any of the services opted by you, or arising out of breach of warranty,
breach of contract, strict liability, or negligence arising out of or in
connection with any act or omission of us in respect of the Campervan,
Camping Site or use of any of our service, regardless of whether arising
from breach of contract, warranty, tort, strict liability or otherwise, even if
advised of the possibility of such loss, threat or damage or if such
loss/threat/danger could have been reasonably foreseen. Our liability for
damages hereunder and under any statement of work, regardless of the form
of action, will not exceed the total amount paid by you and received by us.


11.1.The parties are independent and are not partners or principal and agent and
this Agreement does not establish any joint venture, trust, fiduciary, or
other relationship between them, other than the contractual relationship
expressly provided for in it. Neither party shall have, nor shall represent
that it has, any authority to make any commitments on other party’s behalf.


12.1.Any disputes or differences arising out of or pertaining to this Agreement
shall first be resolved by the parties through negotiations, failing which
such disputes/differences shall be referred to Arbitration by a sole
Arbitrator to be appointed by the parties mutually and all such Arbitration
proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the
Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Such arbitration
proceedings shall be conducted in English language and be conducted in
Bengaluru. The Arbitral Award passed by the Arbitrator in pursuance of
such Arbitration proceedings shall be binding upon the parties hereto.


13.1.Any information, which is not publicly available and is provided by one
Party to the other Party for the purpose of implementing these Terms and
Conditions, shall not be disclosed by the receiving Party to any third party
without the prior written consent of the other Party. The Parties shall treat
such information as confidential. You shall not reveal or make public any
financial or other information in connection with your booking including
but not limited to booking details/packages or special discount or issue any
bad publicity relating to the same.

13.2. You shall not post anything derogatory on any media including social
media without first providing us with an opportunity to address and/or
rectify the grievance.


14.1.These Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in
connection with, its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual
disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with
the laws of India.

14.2.Subject to clause 14.1, the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any
dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with these Terms and
Conditions, its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual
disputes or claims).


15.1. Force Majeure

Neither Party shall be liable for any delay or failure of performance of any
obligation hereunder by reason of a Force Majeure Event; provided,
however, that a Party asserting any excuse for delay or failure of
performance shall: (a) as soon as reasonably possible notify the other Party;
(b) be excused from such performance only to the extent of such delay or
failure; (c) undertake good-faith efforts to resume performance hereunder
and do all things reasonably possible to remove the cause of such delay or
failure and mitigate its effect; and (d) continue performance hereunder with
the utmost dispatch as soon as the cause for such delay or failure is removed.
In the event, any delay or failure of performance is attributable to Force
Majeure Event, the time for performance affected by a Force Majeure
Event shall be extended for a period equal to the time lost by reason of such
delay or failure. “
Force Majeure Event” means an event which is beyond
the reasonable control of a Party, and which make a P
arty’s performance
of its obligation hereunder impossible or so impractical as reasonable to be
considered impossible in the circumstances, and includes, but is not limited
to, pandemic, war, terrorist activities, riots, civil disorder, earthquake, fire,
explosion, storm, flood, or other adverse weather conditions, strikes,
lockouts or other industrial action, confiscation or other action by
government agencies.

15.2. Independent Relationship

Nothing in this Agreement shall create an agency, partnership or joint
venture between the Parties nor constitute either as agent or commercial
agent for any purpose whatsoever. You shall not assume any obligations on

behalf of us nor make any representations on behalf of us nor bind us in
any manner whatsoever. You shall not in any way represent yourself as
being an agent of us.

15.3. Remedies

You acknowledge and agree that in the event of any breach under this
Agreement, the remedies at law other than specific performance in respect
of such breach will be inadequate and we shall, at our discretion, be entitled
to seek specific performance against you for performance by you of your
duties, obligations, and responsibilities under Terms and Conditions.
Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Parties agree that we, at our
discretion, be entitled to claim damages for a breach of these Terms and
Conditions. You also acknowledge and agree that the remedies available to
us under these Terms and Conditions or under law or in equity are

16. Contact and Help Details
If you have any queries or need any clarifications, you may contact


Email: [email protected]

CIN U63030KA2019PTC124239



  1. I,________________________________, son/daughter of _____________________________, resident
    of _________________________________________________________________________________,
    being a national of INDIA, bearing Aadhar/Passport Number:___________________________________,
    solely affirm and undertake the following:
  2. I hereby declare that I am going on a Road Trip by hiring a Campervan and/or camping at the Site
    (“Holiday”) with a group of people whom I know on my own accord from
    ________________________________ (
    Rental Period).
    1. I am over 18 years old, and I declare myself to be medically and physically fit to go for this Holiday. I
      certify that I have not been in contact with any person suffering from Covid 19 or other communicable
      diseases and have been vigilant in safeguarding myself and others around me.
    2. I certify that while on the Holiday, I shall adhere to all rules and regulations and maintain the decorum
      as required.
    3. I understand that the Holiday could result in substantial risk to me, including without limitation to
      exposing myself to Covid 19 infection or other communicable diseases, risk of bodily injury, harm,
      attacks by wild animals including snakes and monkeys, disability, property damage, theft, other
      dangers or actions or accidents of any kind, harassment (mental and/or physical) including caused by
      a fellow passenger. This may lead to injuries (mental and/or physical), accident, illness, or even death.
      I am fully responsible for my safety and other risks that may incur during and after the Holiday.
  4. INDEMNIFICATION: I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Campervan Camps and Holidays India Pvt
    Ltd, Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, having its registered office at No. 132-C, ECC
    Road, Whitefield, Bangalore
    560066 (hereinafter referred to as “LuxeCamper”), against all legal claims
    for damages, liability, compensation that may ensue resulting from my conduct or actions.
  5. WAIVER: I waive, release, and discharge LuxeCamper and its employees, members, trustees,
    beneficiaries, representatives, and associates from all demands, claims, and damages, which may occur
    to me, during or after my Holiday. I hereby agree that I am entering a covenant not to sue or start any
    lawsuit against the LuxeCamper. I agree that LuxeCamper or any of its employees, members, trustees,
    beneficiaries, representatives, or associates shall not be liable or responsible (including any liability of tort,
    criminal, civil or otherwise) to me or to my family/ relatives/personal.
  6. This Waiver and Release of Liability Form shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to
    the maximum extent permissible under the laws of India.


Execution Date:
IDENTITY CARD (Passport along with Visa Copy/Aadhar/Pan Card)