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Luxury Caravan for rental – 4 Pax – Rs 7,500/- per day**

Luxury Caravan for rental – 4 Pax – Rs 7,500/- per day**


Product Description

The LuxeCamper is India’s first commercially approved MotorHome. Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, the vehicle is available for daily rental including night halts. The vehicle can accommodate 4 persons to sit and sleep by sharing 2 queen beds. The LuxeCamper includes a small shower, toilet, kitchenette with refrigerator, freezer and microwave. The LuxeCamper is fully solar-powered. It uses solar energy for heating and cooling, making it energy-efficient and environment friendly. The toilet in the LuxeCamper is imported cassette type and breaks  human waste using enzymes and reducing the use of water and other resources to decompose the waste

First day Rental is from 6 am to 8 pm. For extra days  and night halt please choose “Extra day rental”. Rental excludes driver, diesel, campsite halting charges, food & beverage and tolls. Driver’s accommodation and food not included. Guests should settle these expenses directly. Mileage permitted per day is 250 Kms. Extra charges applicable for excess mileage beyond 250 kms and extra hours beyond 8 pm